And….they’re off!

And that’ll be a new school term then! The sun is shining….there’s snow expected tomorrow….and we’re all still wondering what the dickens is going to happen with Omicron!

Yes, welcome to a whole new year and (of course) a new school term too. I like the spring term though because yes, we have to battle through whatever the weather can throw at us, but we can all be reasonably sure that by the end of the term, it’ll be Easter (which as we all know, is the land of chocolate eggs and warmer weather!)

On behalf of the Governors, I should formally welcome our new headteacher Lucy Northen to the school. Lucy takes over from Jo Ledingham – and it’s her first job as Head. Miss (or Mrs?) Northen (I better find that our I guess!) brings with her bags of enthusiasm for Brandesburton Primary School and the challenges that come with the job and we, the Governors, are here to help and support her and the school in anyway we can. So, ‘welcome’ Miss/Mrs Northen – it’s terrific to have you on-board.

Right. Better get on. Good luck everybody – here’s to an excellent 2022. One final thought…if you’re interested in finding our about the Governors and what we do (perhaps you’d like to join us?) then do get in touch with me via the school office.

…now, where did I put those plastic sledges?

All the best!

And here we go….

Suddenly, from nowhere, the weather has changed – and although when the sun comes out it’s still warm, it feels ‘back endy’ as they say….it feels like September – and it feels like a new school year is upon us, which of course it is!

So. How was your summer? Are you and your children looking forward to another year of fun, games and education? It’s strange isn’t it…we get so excited about the long summer break but I reckon that deep down – there’s as much enthusiasm for the new school year in many quarters!

….sure – the children might have those ‘back to school’ night-before nerves – but they’ll get to see their mates – their teachers can’t wait to get going again – and within hours, it’ll seem like they’re well back into the groove.

If your little cherub is joining us for the first time – in FS perhaps – or a new starter to the school in one of the other years – I know that Mrs Ledingham and the team will go the extra mile to make them feel welcome. I’m sure too that you’ll be really happy the education your child gets at school. As a Governing Body, we’re here to keep an overview of the schools performance (on your behalf) and to make sure everything DOES go according to plan. If it doesn’t – let me know. You can leave a note at the school office and I’ll be happy to give you a call.

In the meantime, I’ve got shirts to iron and uniforms to sort for my own kids! Are you ready…..? Well – let’s go!!

AND….welcome back!

What a very strange 12 months. Our own kids went back to school today and I can’t help but think back to this time last year, when Lockdown #1 was in the air. Mind you – I’m looking out of the window at the pouring rain right now….I’m sure I remember the spring sunshine being just about the only compensation of ‘this time last year’!

The team at school are as ready as they’ll ever be to welcome your children back and it won’t all be learning. Certainly, the staff will be getting everybody back in to that routine too but in the first few days, getting the children socialised again – getting them to have fun and be with the their mates – will be on the agenda. You, me and all the parents will have done the best we can these last few months but you can’t beat learning from building dens, chasing around the school field and team games. I hope you agree!

So. Onwards and upwards. It’ll be Easter before you can blink and the summer holidays in no time at all. If you have any concerns at all, do contact Mrs Ledingham at the school – and I’ll be happy to chat too if you want to. You can leave a name and a phone number with the school office and I’ll call you as soon as I can.

All the best!

Strange times or the new normal….?

Well, that’s tricky to gauge isn’t it but I’m sure the one thing that many of us can agree on is that one way or another, life has to go on and we have to do the best we can!

But well done on many many weeks of coping with a whole new routine, with kids at home when you weren’t expecting them to be – with home learning for many and for dropping off you child at school when you could because you had to go off and be a key worker. We’ve learned a whole new language as well as a way of life…lockdown, social distancing, masks, testing, isolation. All of them in the context of the pandemic take on a new meaning….

And then there’s the children. Let’s not forget about them! And I can assure you that Mrs Ledingham and the entire team at our school absolutely haven’t. Not once.

I’ve had plenty of conversations with Mrs L about bubbles, one way systems, fall back positions, how to sort meal times and break times ohh yes and ‘learning. Because of course, there was always a point at which schools had to go back – when the learning and socialising had to start again.

Brandesburton Primary School has gone the extra mile to make sure that the development and needs of our children are being met right now. Of course the situation will probably change again in the coming six months but the team at the school will bend and flex along with your help to keep the children at the heart of what it’s doing.

So. For now – thanks. Thanks for all the time you’ve put into making the new school term a success. We’re all here for you (school team and governors alike) and if you think that any of us can help in any way, just give us a call.

Take care…

Strange times….

Strange times indeed. And unsettling for people no matter what their age and where they are in their life.

Mrs Ledingham and the team at Brandesburton Primary School look after our children’s health and well-being for so much of the year and I can tell you (because I see it, week in week out) that the staff don’t just switch off at 5 o’clock or at the weekend. Their own personal duty of care to education and development goes way beyond office hours – and yes, they’ll have their own children and families to think about in the coming weeks – but your kids, your grandchildren will be on their minds too.

As you’ll be aware, the school will be closed to most children after tomorrow but we hope it’s not too long before this whole Corona virus episode is over and the team can welcome everybody back to enjoy more top quality education and development!

Take care – and speak to you soon!

All good with you then?

Hello! And Happy Autumn to you.

As Governors, we get together ‘formally’ a couple of times a term for meetings and one of those recently really highlighted just how quickly the team at school pick up the pace once a new academic year is underway.

We started our meeting in Class 3 but ended the gathering by walking the school to admire just how much colourful learning has already made it on to classroom walls (and into the corridors too). And the school really does look terrific right now. If you’re looking for evidence of just how much progress the children make, the walls are a good place to start!

From excellent art work (you should see the dancing giraffes!) to wonderful interpretations of life in the stone age to memory joggers for Maths and English, each class is already filling up with creativity. And that same sense of ‘joy at learning’ is on show from FS right through to year 6.

Next time you’re in the school yourself, take a couple of minutes to look at the walls. And smile! Because for all the stuff going on in our lives, in the country, in the world…it’s good to know that Brandesburton Primary School provides a safe and inspiring environment that can get the best out of our kids!

If you want to know more about the work that school Governors do and how we offer support to Mrs Ledingham and the team, pop into the school office and leave a name and a number and I’ll be happy to give you a call.


Phil W

Oh my. It’s been along time since my last post!

Hello – and Happy New Spring to you. I know that’s not a traditional greeting as such but it was the first day of spring this week and didn’t you notice an almost instant improvement in the weather? I hope you and yours are well and that Brandesburton Primary School continues to serve you and your children well. At least ’well’ actually – in most cases, I would hope your treatment is excellent.

As Governors, we get a real insight into the work that goes on behind the scenes to make it all happen. You’ll be familiar with the analogy of the fast paddling swan…and at times Mrs Ledingham and her team are like that. Serene and floating gracefully on the surface but under that surface, they’re working their socks off to make a difference. I know – I mixed my metaphors there but you get my drift!

In addition to all the support you give the school one way or another, can I just add my weight to the appeal for your consideration over term time holidays? This is really not a PC thing to say as Chair of Governors but Mrs L and the team really have been handed the mucky end of the stick on this one. They have to monitor and enforce a national policy which is frankly unenforceable. You might have read in the papers this week (or heard on the radio!) that the number of children taking term-time holidays has risen dramatically. We know that’s the case at our school too…in fact we’re already slightly ahead of last years figures, with one whole school term yet to go.

We would all love Brandesburton Primary School to be judged by Ofsted as ‘Outstanding’. The Children, the teachers and all of the staff that work at the school deserve that. Our school attendance figures though are one of the factors we’re assessed on…and it could be one of the factors that stops the school getting the recognition it fully deserves. Enough said…

Other than that! Onwards and upwards and if there’s anything the governing body can do to help you at all, do get in touch via the school office!