And that’ll be a new school term then! The sun is shining….there’s snow expected tomorrow….and we’re all still wondering what the dickens is going to happen with Omicron!

Yes, welcome to a whole new year and (of course) a new school term too. I like the spring term though because yes, we have to battle through whatever the weather can throw at us, but we can all be reasonably sure that by the end of the term, it’ll be Easter (which as we all know, is the land of chocolate eggs and warmer weather!)

On behalf of the Governors, I should formally welcome our new headteacher Lucy Northen to the school. Lucy takes over from Jo Ledingham – and it’s her first job as Head. Miss (or Mrs?) Northen (I better find that our I guess!) brings with her bags of enthusiasm for Brandesburton Primary School and the challenges that come with the job and we, the Governors, are here to help and support her and the school in anyway we can. So, ‘welcome’ Miss/Mrs Northen – it’s terrific to have you on-board.

Right. Better get on. Good luck everybody – here’s to an excellent 2022. One final thought…if you’re interested in finding our about the Governors and what we do (perhaps you’d like to join us?) then do get in touch with me via the school office.

…now, where did I put those plastic sledges?

All the best!

And….they’re off!

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