Suddenly, from nowhere, the weather has changed – and although when the sun comes out it’s still warm, it feels ‘back endy’ as they say….it feels like September – and it feels like a new school year is upon us, which of course it is!

So. How was your summer? Are you and your children looking forward to another year of fun, games and education? It’s strange isn’t it…we get so excited about the long summer break but I reckon that deep down – there’s as much enthusiasm for the new school year in many quarters!

….sure – the children might have those ‘back to school’ night-before nerves – but they’ll get to see their mates – their teachers can’t wait to get going again – and within hours, it’ll seem like they’re well back into the groove.

If your little cherub is joining us for the first time – in FS perhaps – or a new starter to the school in one of the other years – I know that Mrs Ledingham and the team will go the extra mile to make them feel welcome. I’m sure too that you’ll be really happy the education your child gets at school. As a Governing Body, we’re here to keep an overview of the schools performance (on your behalf) and to make sure everything DOES go according to plan. If it doesn’t – let me know. You can leave a note at the school office and I’ll be happy to give you a call.

In the meantime, I’ve got shirts to iron and uniforms to sort for my own kids! Are you ready…..? Well – let’s go!!

And here we go….
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