Well, that’s tricky to gauge isn’t it but I’m sure the one thing that many of us can agree on is that one way or another, life has to go on and we have to do the best we can!

But well done on many many weeks of coping with a whole new routine, with kids at home when you weren’t expecting them to be – with home learning for many and for dropping off you child at school when you could because you had to go off and be a key worker. We’ve learned a whole new language as well as a way of life…lockdown, social distancing, masks, testing, isolation. All of them in the context of the pandemic take on a new meaning….

And then there’s the children. Let’s not forget about them! And I can assure you that Mrs Ledingham and the entire team at our school absolutely haven’t. Not once.

I’ve had plenty of conversations with Mrs L about bubbles, one way systems, fall back positions, how to sort meal times and break times ohh yes and ‘learning. Because of course, there was always a point at which schools had to go back – when the learning and socialising had to start again.

Brandesburton Primary School has gone the extra mile to make sure that the development and needs of our children are being met right now. Of course the situation will probably change again in the coming six months but the team at the school will bend and flex along with your help to keep the children at the heart of what it’s doing.

So. For now – thanks. Thanks for all the time you’ve put into making the new school term a success. We’re all here for you (school team and governors alike) and if you think that any of us can help in any way, just give us a call.

Take care…

Strange times or the new normal….?

One thought on “Strange times or the new normal….?

  • May I comment as an ex governor ? Well I am.
    The commitment shown by everyone has been outstanding. I have always valued Brandesburton Primary School and its community. A nurturing and stimulating education ensures children enjoy marvellous Primary years.

    I don’t mind embarrassing people. So here goes. Phil, you are one of the best chair of governors I have known. Your work ethic, diligence and enthusiasm are exemplary. Also every governor gladly gives time and effort for the children. Governors to be proud of.
    Keep the Spirit.

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