Strange times indeed. And unsettling for people no matter what their age and where they are in their life.

Mrs Ledingham and the team at Brandesburton Primary School look after our children’s health and well-being for so much of the year and I can tell you (because I see it, week in week out) that the staff don’t just switch off at 5 o’clock or at the weekend. Their own personal duty of care to education and development goes way beyond office hours – and yes, they’ll have their own children and families to think about in the coming weeks – but your kids, your grandchildren will be on their minds too.

As you’ll be aware, the school will be closed to most children after tomorrow but we hope it’s not too long before this whole Corona virus episode is over and the team can welcome everybody back to enjoy more top quality education and development!

Take care – and speak to you soon!

Strange times….

2 thoughts on “Strange times….

  • Completely agree with your comments. I have been a governor here for many years and one of the consistent elements has been the wonderful community. I have been impressed by the cohesive community feeling.
    I believe this will shine through.
    Keep the Spirit

  • These are strange times indeed and none of know quite how long we’ll be like this or what stages of normal will look like in the future. What we do know is that the Class blogs are full of pictures of happy children who have been inspired, challenged and engaged by the tasks that teachers have been setting on a daily basis. Staff have been working hard to ensure that both children and carers are supported through this unprecedented challenge to all. As a parent/home educator it makes me appreciate even more the wonderful environment that our school provides!!

    We want to get back to normal but not before it is safe for all to do so. The important thing for now is to try and maintain a routine, have fun and stay safe. As the lady said, we WILL meet again.

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