Hello – and Happy New Spring to you. I know that’s not a traditional greeting as such but it was the first day of spring this week and didn’t you notice an almost instant improvement in the weather? I hope you and yours are well and that Brandesburton Primary School continues to serve you and your children well. At least ’well’ actually – in most cases, I would hope your treatment is excellent.

As Governors, we get a real insight into the work that goes on behind the scenes to make it all happen. You’ll be familiar with the analogy of the fast paddling swan…and at times Mrs Ledingham and her team are like that. Serene and floating gracefully on the surface but under that surface, they’re working their socks off to make a difference. I know – I mixed my metaphors there but you get my drift!

In addition to all the support you give the school one way or another, can I just add my weight to the appeal for your consideration over term time holidays? This is really not a PC thing to say as Chair of Governors but Mrs L and the team really have been handed the mucky end of the stick on this one. They have to monitor and enforce a national policy which is frankly unenforceable. You might have read in the papers this week (or heard on the radio!) that the number of children taking term-time holidays has risen dramatically. We know that’s the case at our school too…in fact we’re already slightly ahead of last years figures, with one whole school term yet to go.

We would all love Brandesburton Primary School to be judged by Ofsted as ‘Outstanding’. The Children, the teachers and all of the staff that work at the school deserve that. Our school attendance figures though are one of the factors we’re assessed on…and it could be one of the factors that stops the school getting the recognition it fully deserves. Enough said…

Other than that! Onwards and upwards and if there’s anything the governing body can do to help you at all, do get in touch via the school office!

Oh my. It’s been along time since my last post!

One thought on “Oh my. It’s been along time since my last post!

  • Quite a while since I’ve made a post. I support all Phil’s comments. Nostalgia burst of when I was a head teacher. No punitive measures for the school to impose. Unfortunately, it seems to me, schools are expected to deal with a number of issues which have many dimensions beyond school. End of meltdown.
    I have spent decades in education and Brandesburton is one of the best schools I’ve known. The wonderful community is one of the keys to success. I know you are appreciated.

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