….we’re having to worry about sun cream, floppy hats – and what on earth we’re going to do with the kids across late July and August.

Like pretty much everybody I talk to, I can’t believe we’re almost at ‘the longest day of the year’. Sorry there’s not been an update here for a while but there’s certainly been plenty going on.

The Governors have a regular termly ‘formal’ gathering and there’s one other group meeting a term which tends to take a specific aspect of what’s happening in the school and look at that in more depth. For example, identifying a pupils strengths at an early point in their schooling – how does that happen?  How do we help individual pupils develop to their full potential in that area. Equally, to an experienced teaching team like the one we’re lucky enough to have, areas which might need extra support can be picked up quickly and a plan can be put in place.

Governors will pop in and out of school to catch up with individual classes or areas of interest – I see Mrs Ledingham at least weekly to keep up with an overview of the school’s progress…and we’ll all make an effort to support (for example) the forthcoming summer fair or the brilliant celebrations the school hosted around its 175th anniversary.

The 175th provided great opportunities for learning, for singing and dancing and for the school to throw open the doors to Brandesburton and the surrounding areas to welcome back former pupils and members of staff to share photos, memories and cups of tea.

I was proud to be a part of the 175th ‘moment in history’. Mrs Ledingham and the team, all the boys and girls (right across the school, from the youngest to the oldest) put so much effort into making the three days a success. They really do deserve our thanks and congratulations.

…and next? Well SATS results is the next biggie in terms of official feedback but between you and me? Plans are well in place for September onwards. Have a lovely summer – you can contact the governors via the school office if you need to and we’re always around in the village so do stop us for a chat if there’s something school related on your mind.

….and before you knows it….
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