….well. Christmas came and went in a flash, didn’t it? The Governors would like to take this opportunity to wish you ‘all the best’ for 2018. Certainly the team at school isn’t messing about, I can tell you – only a couple of days back and what was going to be a quick catch up for me today with Mrs Ledingham turned out to be much longer than either of us anticipated – but only because there was so much good stuff to see and hear about!

The children have come back to school full of enthusiasm for learning (so thank you mums, dads, grandmas, grandpas and other guardians!) I’ve seen some excellent art work and heard tales of wonderful things happening in Maths and English as everybody pushes on with the new term. It’s a short term, of course, so there’s loads to get in – not least of all the planning for the schools 175th Birthday celebrations in early May.

I know – one hundred and seventy five years! That’s something to celebrate! You’ll hear about the plans pretty soon and we all hope that you and everybody in Brandesburton will come together to celebrate what is a VERY long standing part of our lives. We’d be interested to hear just how many generations of one family have been to the school. We’ve certainly got children with us now, whose mum or and dad who went to Brandesburton Primary….have we got any mums and dads whose own parents or grand parents went to the school? What about photos of school life from the 1950s or 60s – perhaps a school sports day or class photo? The School would be delighted to hear any tales you have!


We have a couple of Governors meetings coming up at school in the next few weeks so if there’s anything you’d like bringing up at a meeting, do drop in at the school office and leave your phone number and I’ll happily give you a call back. Otherwise – have a splendid January and I’ll blog again soon.


It’s beginning to look a lot like….

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