And what a busy couple of weeks that’s been for everybody but I do hope that you’ve got through it!

At the school, Mrs Ledingham and her team have a lot to be getting on with one way or another. There are new children to welcome – returning pupils to settle into a new class environment – indeed in most cases a new teacher to meet. Then there’s the on-going assessment of pretty much everything in the school…making the rooms and the corridors look fab…there’s learning to be done, sport to be played and did I mention FUN yet? Yep – all of this at Brandesburton Primary School is delivered with a huge sense of fun and creativity

Well done then to the children and the staff at the school for such a brilliant start to the year and well done to you too mum, dad, grandma, grandpa. They and we couldn’t do it without your support so thank you!

The Governors are always here to listen to your feedback and if you would like to grab 20 minutes sometime to talk about becoming a school governor then drop in to the school office and we’ll get that sorted for you. You don’t need teaching experience by the way, just an enthusiasm to support our school with whatever experiences you do have is just fine.

This term will of course fly by. Then we know what happens, don’t we! Still. Let’s not talk about tinsel and baubles yet, eh.

So there you are!

One thought on “So there you are!

  • I second the commendations. It is a wonderful school serving a lovely community. We really do value your feedback and support the strong partnership promoted with the community.

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